Fix GtkGrid column width

A GtkGrid with 2 columns. Is there a way to fix the column width of at least one of the columns (in this case the left one). This did not do it. gtk_grid_set_column_homogeneous (GTK_GRID(myGrid), FALSE);


The width of a GtkGrid column is just the max width of all its children placed in that column.

So the question is: what kind of widgets are packed in the leftmost column?

The grid is inside a box. The left side are labels with the same text which do not change. The right side are labels or combo or entry widgets that change in size. what is happening is that even there is enough space in the right column, the left side gets less wide when the size of the widget in the right column is larger. I wish to keep the left side width constant. Maybe I should change everything to boxes to avoid this “autosizing” ?

Could you post a screenshot?

Thanks ! Would this help. First is a box in the grid spanning 2 cols. The grid is an a frame. Grid has rows with 2 cols each. row 2 is the actually the 3rd grid row. Program compiled and run twice. One with long and once with short string in row2, col 2. Anything else in the code unchanged. Left column width changes. what I try to have is for the short string to have the left column fixed to the width about the same as show in the long string. . Everything is a label except the one for the combo.
As a temporary solution, added a dummy row with a right column with a long empty string but that is not a pretty solution…

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