Fine-tune with regex pattern directories indexed for GNOME shell search

Hello to you all and happy new year!

I am a heavy user of the search tool in the activities overview (the one you open with the super key).

In Settings > Search > Search Locations, it is possible to manually select the directories that are recursively indexed for that search, but such selection is not particularly advanced.

I would love to be able to fine-tune the indexed directories with a file of regex patterns such as .gitignore.


I have a local folder containing my personal website, that I build with a SSG. Within that folder, there is the output folder, containing hundreds of HTML files.

It is very important for me to index the website root folder, but I want to exclude the output one.

Ideally, in the search indexing config file I would love to have something like this:


Do you know if there is a workaround to achieve this already?

Thanks a lot!


Tracker miner configuration options let you fine tune what gets indexed for search. See the “How can I control what Tracker indexes?” section in Tracker

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