Fine-grained monitor position adjustment

I have 2 monitors. Their sizes are the same, but they’re not positioned exactly at the same height, and I can’t do much about that physically as their stands are not adjustable. I noticed that you can modify the relative position of monitors in Settings, under the Displays category:


The problem is that if I drag display 1 just a little bit below display 2, it’s already too low due to the fact that they snap together in the GUI.

The minimal adjustment I can make is already too much, as now they’re even more misaligned than they were initially. The physical difference between the monitors’ vertical positions is about 0.5cm.

I tried scouring through dconf to find whether there are any relevant settings there, but to no avail. I couldn’t find anything related to physical monitor positioning. So, my question is, where are these settings stored, and how can I adjust them in a fine-grained manner?

From my understanding, the drag and drop was supposed to be for a discrete matrix space ( like the image below ), and not a continuous one. No ?

E.g. Barrier screen configuration


Well, you can adjust monitors to fit a grid, but GNOME Settings also lets you adjust your screens like I showed on my screenshot.

Are you able to manipulate .config/monitors.xml to do this? Under the configuration / logicalmonitor there’s the X and Y position of each display. Maybe nudging the Y value around and logging out/in will be enough? Just guessing :slight_smile:

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Ah, seems like that’s what I was looking for! Thanks for the pointer.

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