Final 40.0 tag not available?


I am a package maintainer for AOSC OS. While packaging GNOME 40, we found that a few GNOME components and applications were yet to receive a final 40.0 tag - Geary being one of them. We have chose to block GNOME 40 from entering our stable repository until a final tag is to become available, per our maintenance conventions and out of precaution.

I have contacted GNOME’s Release Team, and while they were able to create 40.0 tags for the rest of the components with ~alpha, ~beta, and ~rc tags, they said that in regard to Geary it’s “out of their hands.” Hence this post.

Is there a timeline for Geary’s final 40.0 tag? In other words, should a stable distribution package and ship Geary 40, despite the ~alpha tag?

Thanks in advance,
Mingcong Bai

You can continue to ship Geary 3.38 until a 40 release is available, or you could ship the 40.alpha version. Your choice.

There’s a recent comment from the maintainer here.

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