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Hello and thanks for your work on Gnome emailing! )

I stumbled through the app and documentation, but I can’t find a way to see my flagged messages in a folder. All I found is mention of Gmail starred folder. But it’s very limited (to G).

I open my archive which is a label in Geary, and there I’m looking only for starred items. (In K-9 you can sort starred to show for example.) And I can’t do anything to find them. Only clumsy scrolling which fragment needed items all across the archive.

It’s an important thing! Please reply with your vision of the issue.

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In the search box, you can use "is:starred", as well as other search terms as described in the Geary help pages :wink:

Sorry I somehow overlooked it!

I wish Geary will develop forward! Without a button it’s quite disturbing to search repetitively.

In Gmail web interface the search string would be:

is:starred in:Archive

Geary took inspiration from Gmail search, but there are still two missing features:

  1. Geary doesn’t have yet a in: operator to restrict the results to a specific folder (or tag).
  2. There’s no button or graphical interface to generate the search without knowing the syntax.

Interesting discussions in the tracker:

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