Files: unmount of mounted borg backup archive fails if mount point directory contains german umlaut in folder name

I am using borg for backing up my home directory via cli.
With borg, you can mount the archives/snapshot to browse them via file browser.

For mounting, I use:
borg mount /run/media/sebi/1TB-EX/backup/borg/solus /run/media/sebi/1TB-EX/backup/borg/Einhängeordner-Solus-Backups

For unmounting, I use:
fusermount -u /run/media/sebi/1TB-EX/backup/borg/Einhängeordner-Solus-Backups

I recently changed my mount point name to one containing a german umlaut, ä in this case.
So the mountpoint is:

While I can still unmount it via cli with the given command, nautilus comes up with an error messages and fails. It is unable to find the mountpoint.

The screenshots attached lead me to think that the german umlaut in the mount point name is causing this problem:

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-10-12 19-02-02

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-10-12 19-02-28

Edit: I should also mention that I am using nautilus 44.2.1 on Solus.

Hi, sounds like an issue in the backend, feel free to open an issue at Sign in · GitLab

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