Files/Nautilus embeded thumbnails

Hello, first time posting here!

I’ve switched recently to gnome, went full gnome with everything switched out. Files(aka Nautilus) is kind of bothering me with their thumbnails. They work, this isn’t an issue. The issue is that thumbnails saved in the metadata(usually downloaded videos off of youtube with youtube-dl) don’t have those thumbnails but rather a random one. Something like PCmanfm-qt used to do this, is there any way to get the same functionality with Files?

Nautilus does not generate the thumbnails itself but uses a thumbnailer to generate them. Which thumbnailer gets used depends on what you have installed. In a standard gnome setup this would be totem-video-thumbnailer, which should support extracting cover images (or other image tags) from videos.

You can check /usr/share/thumbnailers which thumbnailers are used for which mime type. Maybe you are using a different thumbnailer that does not support this.

Or maybe there is a bug in totem (or somewhere at a lower level, such as in gstreamer) that would cause it to not find the included thumbnail. You can try running totem-video-thumbnailer manually to check if it correctly extracts the included thumbnail. If it doesn’t I would suggest filing a bug report against totem:

That was surprisingly painless. I just ripped out totem entirely from my system, replaced it with ffmpegthumbnailer and was done with it, thank you for the easy fix!

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