Files/Nautilus "Contains digital photos"

I have two tabs open so I can compare the contents of 2 directories. This should be easy as the two will line up vertically.
It isn’t - there is a banner headline “Contains digital photos” and a button “Shotwell”.
Duh! I know that, I can see the files. If I wanted to open one I could right-click and would be given the option of Shotwell to open it.
It also contains more directories, GPS tracks, text files etc, so why was Shotwell considered to be so important that it was allowed to take up this important screen space with what amounts to an advertisement?

Shotwell registers itself as a handler for x-content/image-dcf (Tool for Importing from a digital camera) and apparently one of your folders either is one or nautilus considers it as one.

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How might I stop that?

It’s just an SD card from a phone, with all sorts on it. I don’t see why it’s allowed to do that. I really don’t like it when applications try to be too clever (remember the Microsoft paperclip?). I’ll try another file manager, thanks for your help.

It’s a digital camera as much as it is a phone.

It probably saves the photos in a DCIM folder. The DC in DCIM stands for Digital Camera.

Maybe configure your phone not to save photos in the DCIM folder.

It wasn’t a DCIM folder, it was the top level one.
I don’t intend to reconfigure my phone to try to fix difficulties with Nautilus/Shotwell.

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