FileChooser portal for drag&drop


I saw that Nautilus planned to add support for the FileChooser portal, and was wondering if it could make sense to also have some kind of FileChooser-like interface but initiated by drag&drop.

Typical usecase is for apps like archive managers, who could get a target folder to extract to by drag&dropping their compressed files to Nautilus (or compatible file managers).

Something like this:

  • use some special drop target or scheme handler like filechooser://org.domain.Archiver/<transaction-id>
  • when Nautilus detects that pattern, it sends back to the app org.domain.Archiver a D-Bus message with the transaction-id and the targeted folder
  • the drag initiator app receives the message, ensures the transaction-id matches, and initiates the extraction to the chosen folder

I think this is covered by the File Transfer portal:

Something like this, yes, but if I understand well FileTransfer uses FDs, which implies that the files shall be somehow exposed through a filesystem…

Could if be feasible with gvfs?