File opening dialog usability problems

Been using Linux since '99 but with GNOME I have a big usability issue that forces me to click way more times than than in some other OS whose name start with W…

My problem is that the file opener dialog remembers the location when saving/opening files, but on a per app basis, not globally. Usually when I work, I save a file in one app, and try to open the same file in another app, but the other app opens a different directory.
(Saving in Chrome, opening in SublimeText)

Another problem is when I upload multiple files in Chrome, the file opener dialog opens with the recents or the home directory if I turn file history off. I need it to open the last location I used.

Is there a flag to set these? If not, can you please consider implementing these?

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An issue I have is with it not recognising custom folder icons.

I recently added some custom folder icons in Nautilus, which helps me find folders there. But the file picker displays all folders with their default icon which actually makes it harder to find my special folder because I’m expecting to see something different.

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