Fedora 35 and gedit

Hi All,

I’ve been working with Fedora for years now, and I just installed the newest Fedora Workstation 35 on one of my computers.

Since I use gedit a lot for editing source codes, gedit was one of the first programs I tried to launch. Now, there I get into trouble. After opening a few source files and trying to start off where I left, I noticed that the mouse pointer and the cursor often do not end up where I clicked the mouse when trying to reposition the cursor (for cutting and pasting for example). This is the very first time that I experience this problem, it was not there when I was using Fedora 32.

Help would be appreciated,

Best regards,
Mischa Baars.

P.S. I just got a reply to more or less the same email posted on the fedora-devel mailing list, and it appears that others who are or were using Fedora 34 also experience this problem.

I had this issue a few weeks ago, but I don’t see this issue with up-to-date Fedora 35 anymore, do you have all updates installed (and rebooted system)?

It should be fixed by https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/-/merge_requests/1993 resp. Commit - rpms/gnome-shell - 4a46ac2e64a51ed9085b87197540e72851571abd - src.fedoraproject.org.

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I found some other people that experience the same problem with gedit on the fedora devel mailing list. The update won’t install because it is already included in the final release version of Fedora 35. Don’t know exactly what you did to solve the problem, but strange enough, the problem refuses to manifest itself today on my computer as well.

My guess is that someone is showing off with some new and improved Fedora 35 back-end. Hope that everyone has their copyright files in place, 'cause this is going to be a hell of a ride if you ask me.

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