February Engagement meeting call minutes

Hi, well yes here follow the meeting minutes from the the February 2020 Engagement call.
(our last engagement call which took place Friday, 28th of February)


  • Gaurav
  • Regina
  • Eric
  • Rosanna
  • Kristi
  • Oliver
  • Caroline
  • Melissa


Are happening between 22-28 July in Zacatecas, Mexico

Call for proposals is open until 31 of March

More information can be expected to be published in the near future.

University Outreach

There are (ongoing) efforts about trying to incorporate the GNOME Ambassadors program and figure out how to involve more students in the initiative/program.

The intiative is currently in the planning stage (details are expected to be published).

Pan African GNOME Summit 2020

  • The aim with the Summit is to introduce people in Nigeria to GNOME and other projects and how they can contribute.

  • There is ongoing work and efforts with trying to create a team with high interest in open source and getting people to understand what GNOME is.

  • GNOME had good visibility at the Open Source 2020 Festival in Lagos.

  • The local team is making (some) progress with promotion and other materials.

  • The registrations are going very well as there have been about 40 registrations within one week.

  • There is ongoing work with regards to creating video content as well as a documentary.

  • The goal is to get people involved and contribute to GNOME and spread the word.

  • The summit is planned to take place 27 of March in Harcourt, Nigeria

Community Engagement Challenge

  • The initiative is currently in the pre-stage at the moment with the staff leadership setting up the project.

  • During phase 1 the foundation will ask people to write proposals on how to engage coders and others in a long term in open source. Aim with the coding education challenge is trying to get as many proposals as possible and to introduce the initiative to others.

Google Summer of Code 2020 (GSOC 2020)

GNOME have been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2020

Upcoming events

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