Feature request: USB drive unmount button to also shut down drive

Presently, in Nautilus, USB drives have a button next to them on the left pane to unmount. Hitting this button unmounts the drive, but does not also shut it down. To shut down the drive without the command line, a user needs to open Disks from where they can shut down the drive. This unmounts all partitions on the drive and shuts it down - light on thumb drive stops blinking, HDD spins down.

When a user has Nautilus open and they wish to remove the USB drive, would it not serve them better for the button to unmount and power down the drive? I believe waiting for the light to go off is still common advice for when it is safe to remove a drive. What is the present utility of unmounting but not powering down?

I posit that, while a user could go to Disks for this need, Nautilus is an equally natural location for this feature - if not more so owing to similar functioning in other operating systems.

What do you think?