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First of all I wanted to say thank you very much for Geary. I’ve been using it for about a year now and I have to say that it’s exactly what I need for my daily work, even though I still use Thunderbird as a supplement. It’s not overloaded (like Thunderbird or Evolution) and totally uncomplicated. Thanks to the developers and contributors!

I know the “Email Templates” plugin. It is quite practical when writing new emails, but in my opinion it is missing an essential function: template for replies.

It would be great if you had a template like:

Hello {{ FromName }},

{{ GenericMessage=“A general paragraph that is repeated in emails.” }}

Best regards,
{{ AccountName }}

Then you can save yourself typing here and only make small changes if necessary.

I can imagine:

  • {{ FromName }} is taken from the “From:” header or alternatively the email.
  • {{ AccountName }} is taken from the sender name.
  • This template is then saved under Templates and will be used as respond, maybe with a specific subject to recognize it as “Response-Template”.

Nothing too complicated, just a simple addition. In any case, it would be a nice optional addition as a plugin.

Thanks for reading and your time.

Best regards,

Checkout this comment: Message templates/stock replies (#587) · Issues · GNOME / Geary · GitLab

Don’t forget that you can file an issue on Gnome’s Gitlab instance for this kind of post.

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