Feature request: simple redactions in gnome-screenshot's selection mode

A reasonably common thing to do is to take a screenshot, then paste it into the gimp and carefully blot out sensitive information. It’d be cool if this was integrated as a feature in the shell screenshot widget. Like, left drag rubber-bands the screen location, and ctrl+left drag would rubber band rectangles to be blacked out. A little hint in the UI could tell the user this is the case.

Hello @Bryan_Elliott !

There is an issue about that: Screen recording enhancements (#175) · Issues · Teams / Design / os-mockups · GitLab.

This doesn’t talk about censorship tools, but I think they may be part of the issue. Also, in this same issue, it is a question of having such tools in the screen capture tool or in an app. If they’re in an app (which I think is best), the screenshot would just be editable, as shown in “Custom notification with preview” at the beginning of the issue.

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