Feature request: show app icon in media control in notification list

I have noticed that media control shows album cover if available on the left of artist/title name. If not, only standard icon with music note is shown.

Since I find it hard to quickly identify the media control I want to access when several media sources are in use and thus shown as media control in notification list (ctrl+v), especially when metadata only shows unknown artist/unknwon title, I want to suggest to show application icon instead of the music note icon.
So that is show rhythmbox, audacious, museek, firefox icon according to source.
Like this, it would be much easier for me to identify the media controll I wish to use.

Any thoughts on this idea?

The gnome extension Mpris Label for instance, which displays artist/title name of currently playing source in top bar, shows the source icon next to it.
This offers valuable information to the user.


I like the idea.

A simple extension might be a good proof-of-concept. You could override this function to get the fallback icon from the Shell.App, looked up as in this function.

Thank you for your detailed and knowledgeful feedback.
It’s only that I can’t do anything with it. I can’t do the magic. I am just a regular user with no programming skills whatsoever.
I just wanted to bring this proposal to the attention of those who make gnome and are able to weigh it’s pros and cons.

If someone is able to implement this via an extension for testing purposes, I am more than happy to test it and provide feedback.


Someone’s listening :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh wow. That’s great. I kind of didn’t expect anything, since Gnome has somehow the reputation not to listen to user demands. So I am actually pleased.
So, will this make it to Gnome 45 then ?

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