Feature-request: Not only light- and dark-mode, but also sepia-mode for GUI

Maybe it would be a good idea, to not only have a light-mode and a dark-mode for the GUI, but also kind of a “sepia”-mode with beige colors. Similar to the sepia-mode in the reader-view of some webbrowsers and other apps (e.g. in Safari’s reader-view of a webpage).

For some people the light-mode with many white is too bright, but the dark-mode is too dark for them. For these people (and all others who prefer a beige color-scheme) this would be a very welcomed addition.


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Some apps that are commonly focused at for long periods of time, like text viewers, have this already. I’m sceptical to having it as a global option affecting all apps, since it adds more test cases and can result in some ugly contrasts with app illustrations.

GNOME also has Night light already, which makes the entire screen easier on your eyes. I assume that this covers a lot of the cases where a sepia mode could have been useful.

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