Feature request: No horizontal scrolling

Hi, I’ve stumbled against something weird, when using Nautilus using the grid view, I noticed that one line was not sufficient to show entirely all folders/files.
Like there, where you can see that there is horizontal scrolling enabled and needed if I want to see “PycharmProjects” entierly

To my mind, icons should fit on the grid, and it should display it on a new line if it doesn’t fit in the line and need horizontal scrolling. This is the behavior of Nemo file manager on cinnamon desktop and I find it more logical.

I think same as I reported her: Grid view in 44.2 too wide — horizontal scrolls content instead of fitting to window (#2980) · Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab

It’s already fixed in GTk gridview: Add border-spacing where it was missed (099955b0) · Commits · GNOME / gtk · GitLab, but not yet available in a release. If you try Files flatpak from Nightly you can see it is fixed in that.

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