[Feature Request] Mirror sync files from Online Accounts

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I don’t know if thats the right way to do it, but I wanted to post this and voice my opinion. I really like that Gnome can mount Google Drive files and I think even OneDrive files in Gnome 46 (I am on Gnome 45 still), so there is definitely a lot of work going into Online Accounts. I just wanted to suggest that if there is a way it would be really cool to have a feature where instead of only mounting the remote drive actually mirroring/syncing a folder, so that you have a local copy on your system in case you have no internet connection. In theory this should work with Google Drive because it is supported on Windows. And I know there is rclone to do such things but it is not seemless and a hassle to setup so if there is a way to implement it into Gnome Online Accounts that would be awesome.

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Hi, unfortunately GNOME Online Accounts tends to be a bit misleading in its purpose. All it is really responsible for is setting up and authenticating accounts, so this feature would have to be implemented in GVfs.

That being said, some of these services may prohibit local syncing of remote data for third-party implementations. I don’t believe Google Drive prohibits this, but I am unsure about OneDrive. If it is permitted, syncing a large number of files may result in the service being throttled for all users, so that may have to be taken into consideration as well.

This would be a feature that would make user transitioning from Windows and Mac to Linux&GNOME more easy, and ensure higher adoption.

Google Drive could be a good start, given it’s possibility of 2-way syncing.