Feature request: make nautilius CLI aware of remote paths

I recently posted about an issue I was having with nautilus . being slow when I ran it inside of an sshfs-mounted directory. networking - Nautilus CLI is Extremely Slow for SSHFS Mounted Paths, but the GUI is Fast - Ask Ubuntu

Currently typing a path into the navigation bar recognizes if it could be a remote path. My feature suggestion is extend that capability to the command line tool as well. When running nautlus <path>, perform a check to see of <path> is possibly a remote resource or not. If this would beak backwards compatability or cause a speed issue for existing programs, then add a flag so the user can specify if they want to enable this automatd check or not.


Before thinking about adding workarounds, we should try to fix the bug.

If you have time, please file a bug report explaining the steps to reproduce the CLI bug and how the it compares to the expected behavior in the GUI.

Use the “Bug” description template to know the structure and details that help make a useful bug report.

I don’t think this is a bug. Handling the case where a given path could be a non-local FUSE mounted filesystem seems more like a feature to me. I see no reason why invoking nautilus from the CLI versus pasting a path into the navigation bar would have to use the same codepath or have the same feature set. However, it would be nice if they did, which is why I posed this as a feature request.

That being said, if the maintainers want to consider this a bug, I’m more than happy to work with them from that perspective. Either way I think the implementation will be the same: add a the same remote check that is performed when using the navigation bar when nautilius is invoked from the command line.