Feature Request - Integrate terminal in nautilus like nautilus-terminal

gnome-terminal made a lot of everyday tasks easier for me and the loss of it in gnome 43 is disappointing. Would love to see this functionality natively integrated in nautilus going forward.

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Do you mean the “Open in Terminal” context menu option, or something else?

For the “Open in Terminal” option you need the extension installed. Depending on your distro that may need you to install it. For example on Debian/Ubuntu I think you have to install the package nautilus-extension-gnome-terminal yourself.

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the loss of it in gnome 43 is disappointing.

That’s a bit dramatic. gnome-terminal still exists, and is actively developed by the same group of developers that worked on it for years.

All that changed is that GNOME as a projects recommends a different terminal application as default.

Are you speaking of the terminal window integration directly inside the Nautilus window ?

That was provided by the Nautilus Terminal extension.

As stated on the README, the support has been ended since the port of Nautilus to Gtk4.

Although, don’t blame Nautilus: the author of the extension said itself Nautilus Terminal has always been a big hack of Nautilus:

It [Nautilus Terminal] hijacked existing APIs to slip into Nautilus. It used a lot of hacks to work around limitations and to work (you can read the comments in nautilus_terminal.py if you’re curious).

I am the developer of Nautilus Terminal.

As quoted by @Trim, the extension was a big hack. It was a mess and it was really difficult to maintain. Even if the LocationWidgetProvider API was added back to Nautilus, I am unsure if I would try to port the extension: it is a lot of work and it is not the right solution.

The best things to do if you want a new “Nautilus Terminal”-like extension in Nautilus is to discuss with the Nautilus devs to see what can be done to add suitable APIs for this type of extension. But I do not know how much of people are interested in it. Maybe it is just a “niche” feature.


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Sorry, used the wrong package name in my title. I am talking about nautilus-terminal, not gnome-terminal as the author earlier in this thread spoke about.