Feature Request: Functional Fractional Scaling On GNOME

I am a Linux user and I have recently tried gnome on my 14 inch 1080p laptop. I have an issue with fractional scaling as my laptop is small and has a 1080p display, everything looks so small on it. I immediately went to some website and got a command to enable fractional scaling on gnome. After I enabled it, most of my applications became very blurred. After some some digging, I found out that gnome has an issue with x11 app scaling. It wasn’t there in plasma 6 (which is used before trying gnome). So, this is more like a feature request. Can gnome also give the same options as kde plasma did, that is “Apply scaling themselves” and “scaled by the system” when that fractional scaling setting is turned on? This could seriously help new users of Linux who just installed, turned on fractional scaling and had no idea why their apps were so blurry and they probably don’t know that it is caused by fractional scaling. Because we all can assume that a normal person who tries Linux doesn’t know anything about what is wayland and what is fractional scaling and how it works. They assume it just makes things bigger. I hope you would take my request seriously and improve the gnome de and make the Linux desktop better.

With best regards for the gnome team, desktop, the foundation and the Linux desktop,

Something similar is being worked on over here: Let scaling-aware Xwayland clients scale themselves with "scale-monitor-framebuffers" (!3567) · Merge requests · GNOME / mutter · GitLab

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