[Feature Request] Enable "Do not disturb" while screen sharing or recording

I’d like to raise a proposal to add the following feature to Gnome Shell:

Whenever you start screen sharing or recording your screen, the “Do not disturb” toggle would be automatically enabled. When you stop the screen sharing/recording, the notifications would be enabled back on.


  • privacy - you don’t want to show some private message popping up on the screen while you’re in the middle of a presentation
  • convenience - when you’re screen-sharing/recording, you don’t want notifications to pop up. In the case of screen-recording, most likely you’ll have to redo the recording. In the case of screen-presenting, it might steer your (and the audience’s) focus away from the actual presentation.

I made a Gnome Shell extension Do Not Disturb While Screen Sharing or Recording that enables the exact feature I’m proposing. It works, but I believe this feature should be provided by Gnome.

Prior Art

Is this the right place for such a request or is there some defined process for it?

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I think it’s a good place to start and to invite people for general discussion.

Another good place to follow-up might be submitting a GNOME Settings mock-up, with similar comparisons to prior-art and use-cases.

Regarding the mock-up repo, do you suggest to submit an Issue there? I probably won’t be able to prepare the mock-up image itself, I have literally no knowledge about creating such things :slight_smile:

I’m not really a designer myself :sweat_smile:

You could swing through #gnome-design on Matrix first and see if anyone’s interested in helping with one, but it does look like there are some issues opened for discussion without mock-ups, so :person_shrugging:

Maybe the Whiteboards repository would be a better place :slightly_smiling_face:

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