Feature request: drag .desktop file to dock

I use Ubuntu (PopOS).

I can’t drag a desktop file to the dock.
This is confusing.

I’m sure this is not the right place, but it still is relevant.

Direction/comments appreciated.

Gnome Shell doesn’t have desktop icons. There are several extensions that can add desktop icons to Gnome Shell so likely your distribution uses one of them. Maybe the one they’re using doesn’t support dragging to the dock.

This one supports dragging files to the dock, to drop on an app icon to open the file with that app — if that is the functionality you’re looking for: Libadwaita, Gtk4 Desktop Icons NG with GSconnect Integration, Drag and Drop onto Dock (Gtk4-DING) - GNOME Shell Extensions. The dock shows favorite and running apps so you can’t use it to bookmark files. As an alternative for that you can star files in the Files app to have quick access to them.

You may get better answer asking in the support channel for your distribution.

I think that’s drag and drop onto dock icons.

I want to add an arbitrary “shortcut” to the dock.

Thanks anyway.

I’m going by what functionality Dash to Dock extension has, the most popular dock extension I think. I don’t know what dock extension your distribution uses (Gnome Shell itself doesn’t have a dock). Maybe there is another dock extension that can have file bookmarks on the dock.

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