Feature request: Display Top bar in all monitors

I use Ubuntu for trading stocks I have 3 monitors, the thing is I need to see the clock on all monitors and have access to the system tray, in the company I work for we use up to 4 monitor per workstation, we have a lot of lenovo workstations that are going to be change into linux based os, so these characteristics are determinant to use a gnome distro.

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There is no setting currently to show the top panel on all monitors, but as a workaround for now you can maybe get what you need with an extension. The best (only?) option for that is probably the Dash to Panel extension. That merges the top panel with the dash so it’s different, but it can display on all monitors. It is very configurable so you can change its looks and behavior.

To install extensions you need to install a web browser extension and connector, and if the Extensions app is not currently in your list of apps you need to install gnome-shell-extension-prefs to get it. The Extensions app is for configuring extensions. Alternative you can use the standalone Extension Manager app that is all-in-one. Install gnome-shell-extension-managerto get it.

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