Feature request: Detach copy progress in File / Nautilus

Hi there!

I assume it’s not the first, I hope I’m not repetitive (unlikely).

When you copy files via File you don’t have any progress manager (like ctrl+j in google chrome)

It would be nice to have the download list “detachable” from the Files app (like under process)
It is logical from a usability point of view given that you VERY EASILY risk forgetting about the copies in progress and closing everything.

It already exists? I have not found.

I hope the idea is appreciated

There’s a circular progress indicator in the window controls; if you press it, it displays all the current operations and their relative progress.

Thank you for your answer Ebassi
Yes, of course, but i need to remain in that indicator and it’s not a lot usable. I open the ticket for that, for a new detached window and see my progress in a separate process.