Feature request: Detach copy progress in File / Nautilus

Hi there!

I assume it’s not the first, I hope I’m not repetitive (unlikely).

When you copy files via File you don’t have any progress manager (like ctrl+j in google chrome)

It would be nice to have the download list “detachable” from the Files app (like under process)
It is logical from a usability point of view given that you VERY EASILY risk forgetting about the copies in progress and closing everything.

It already exists? I have not found.

I hope the idea is appreciated

There’s a circular progress indicator in the window controls; if you press it, it displays all the current operations and their relative progress.

Thank you for your answer Ebassi
Yes, of course, but i need to remain in that indicator and it’s not a lot usable. I open the ticket for that, for a new detached window and see my progress in a separate process.

Right. And we cater for this need by continuing the file operations in the background.

The application doesn’t quit even if you close the last window; there is is a permanent notification about ongoing operations, and, when all operations finish, there is a new notification about that too.

I think these notifications serve the same role as the suggested “detached window”, with the advantage of not requiring the user to do any extra work (like explicitly detaching the operations bubble into a standalone window).

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that “extra work” is a good idea for usability. The notification not is equal to have a control of operations under progress. I don’t get if closing nautilus I lost the copy in run, i can’t stop it, i cant do anything.

It’s only little suggest, it’s a my opinion. it’s not immediate.

You can do all of that if you click on the notification. Give it a try.

It’s strange that I didn’t notice it, maybe I have some problem with the notifications or it doesn’t do it. If I remember correctly, I can’t find progress or closure (and maybe I have a thousand other notifications). Who knows why not put a simple symbol to open it separately.

However, mine was a suggestion for future versions.

I see. If you don’t get the notification or clicking the notification doesn’t do anything, please file a bug report.

In any case, thanks for the suggestion!

Ok, i tested it. The warning run but not other. It’s not a bug it’s just a feature: “make a detachable windows for the copy (or other fs actions) with progress and close”.

That’s it.

Where can I suggest it?

I cannot understand what you mean here.

There should be a notification about on-going file transfers, when you close the last nautilus window. Clicking this notification should give you a window where you can see progress and/or stop transfers.

Is this not working in your case?

This is the place. Thanks for your suggestion!

yep! I can see only the a simple flag into notification.

Users, like me in some cases, need to see the progression or pause or close it when they working, detached of main gnome window… stand alone, without other flags of other processes.

like chrome with ctrl+j or windows

If this is the good place for the suggestions…
that’s it :wink:

Thanks you

What do you mean by “flag”?

Is the progress not shown when you click on the notification?

yes… flags… notice… the contents of notifications…
for exemple:

It’s not important what happen when i click! but why i need to click?? i can’t see direct it? why put a process in the notice/warnings/flags center?

Image the scene: I am game dev/artist and need to move 55 of my big assets and 12 projects from HDD to SSD… I want to be sure of what I stay coping, where it going, the progression etc “at glance”… try to image the currently chaos with a simple million notification without anything all in a little square -.-

“I can’t check anything. I don’t have any idea of what the system doing”

For me, it’s my opinion, the file transfer needs a proprietary detached panel with the list, block by block, of the copy in run with the progress, the path, the close and the times to end…

“Something more completed, good for who work with differents assets”

that is just a notification center, leave it for notifications not for file management and CRUD

You understand me?

I don’t see the operations notification in these screenshots. Are you sure there is an ongoing file operation and no Files window open?

Yes, I already understand that’s your suggestion. I’m not arguing about it. :wink:

Just trying to provide some support for the current version. I’m still not sure if you are getting the expected behavior or if something is going wrong with the notifications in your system.

This is the notification that you are supposed to get if you close the last Files window while an operation is ongoing.

Clicking it opens a window where you can see progress.

Is this working the way I describe it? If not it’s a bug and I would like to ask your help to figure out what’s going wrong so that I can try to fix it.

Not OP. The notification is there, however it’s not persistent. I think overall, file operations should be more prominent in Nautilus. Especially with the GTK4 rewrite, the pie progress has been moved in the top-left corner of the window. Very easy to miss. I wonder what was the rationale for moving that around.

Is it not? It’s persistent to me. Either there is a difference in your system configuration, or there is a bug, or we are using different definitions of persistent. Can you explain in more detail? A screenshot would help.

If, during file operations, I close the last Nautilus window, then I can dismiss the “file operations ongoing” notification. My definition of “persistent” is “non-dismissable”, like for example media player notifications with the prev/pause/next buttons.

I’ve just tried on a live image of Fedora 39 (screenshot below shows the notification center after dismissing the file operations notification, with file operations still ongoing):