Feature request: Code folding ribbon (ability to collapse code) in GNOME Builder

Builder is really good, but I wish it had a feature like what’s demonstrated in this short video clip.

In Xcode, there is this really handy feature where along the left hand side of the code editor, there’s a ribbon that can collapse blocks of code. The linter recognizes patterns in indentation, and allows the user to collapse each section of code. It even has a nice folding animation which makes it easy for the user to understand what’s going on. I think a feature like this would be really helpful for those trying to stay more organized within a big file (I know I made use of this quite often when working in Xcode). Personally, I like to collapse certain functions so I can do less scrolling in my document. I bet this could (and might need to) become a feature of GtkSourceView or something, but it would be really beneficial for organization.

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See: Code folding (#515) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-builder · GitLab

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