Feature request: changing / setting file modification date/time using Nautilus

I very often archive interesting articles from the web (because there is no guarantee that anything persists on the Internet). Often times it’s fairly old articles. I like to make their filesystem metadata match their publication date, so that they can be easily sorted (or searched) based on that. Currently, the only way I have to do this is using the touch command; for example, to set the date to october 31st, 2014, you do:

touch -d 2014-10-31 some_old_article.odt

I never bother with times because I don’t think I’d remember more advanced syntax than YYYY-MM-DD.

So it’s a bit slow and clunky, as it requires me to temporarily whip up a terminal app and manually do all this.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Nautilus allowed me to do such corrections directly from the file’s properties dialog, i.e. make those date/time labels rows modifiable in the properties? (maybe with a toggle switch / edit button if you want extra added safety)

I’m throwing the idea out there in case someone else may find it interesting too, and perhaps it could be worth having as a feature request ticket. To me personally, it is within the realm of cool and fairly reasonable (i.e. not-too-complex-to-implement, I would suspect) power-user features for a file manager app, to reduce the reliance on the command line. It would certainly make my life easier to have this ability conveniently within reach in my favorite file management tool :slightly_smiling_face:

This is so fringe, nothing nautilus needs IMO. But have you tried just changing your system time before saving the page? (that might confuse the web server but I assume everything is already cached before saving)

I think this warrants its own app. A «File metadata editor»

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Well, there is always Internet Archive Wayback Machine .