Feature request: Being able to click and drag open apps to an existing workspace, while scrolling through workspaces at the same time

I would love to be able to press Super, hold down an app I just opened, scroll to an existing workspace, and drop the app there. Holding down the app means I’m unable to scroll, and I can only drag and drop it one workspace to the right, or make a new workspace by drag and dropping in-between the small workspace representations up top. I hope what I’m saying makes sense. Sorry if it doesn’t.

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You can drop an app icon on a workspace in the workspace representations up top, not just between. The mouse cursor changes to indicate you’d be adding the app to that workspace.


As an alternative, you could setup a hotkey for moving windows to a specific workspace.

In Settings → Keyboard shortcuts → Navigation → Move window to workspace […]

Also not sure if this is the right place to submit feature request. :warning:
Maybe it would have more visibility in Gitlab? It would be nice if some experienced users of the forum could chime in as there are a lot of feature requests on the forum.

Sorry, I saw other feature requests, which is why I submitted my own.

Thanks! This works. The plus sign doesn’t show up for me when the app I want to drag and drop is already open, and there’s no visual feedback when hovering it over the workspace.

Works for me. Maybe you are on an old Gnome Shell version? I’m on 46.1. Or if you’re also on 46.1 maybe you’re using an extension that interferes. I don’t use extensions.

With for example Firefox or Text Editor already open, when I drag their icon from the dash or app grid over a workspace in the workspace representations up top, it shows the plus sign on the mouse cursor and when dropped it opens a new window for that app there.