[ Feature request: ] another side panel for table of contents

Good day, I’m new here, and to the linux world of many forums/bugs/features requests and developing in general. I do have a background in programming, I’m a n00b but not so much.

Any pointers into how to contribute/what to look at for this to happen ?

I would like to know if it is possible to add an option to add another sidepanel, just next to the one we have but this time to read the headings of a markdown text file.

Any help is much appreciated

Another feature but probably needs another post would be to able to configure CTRL+F to find in the whole active directory of the active file.

Thank you again, I found xed, pluma, feather notes, cherry tree and others but I like gedit for the terminal and being fast.

Thanks again, is a great editor.

The side panel in gedit has several components: “Documents”, “File Browser” and “Character Map” (the last two components are provided by plugins).

So it’s possible to create another plugin for a Markdown Table of Contents.

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