Feature request: add "transparency" option or sub-option next to "Always on top" on windows management

sometimes you want to have another window on top of whatever else you’re using like taking notes or watching a video

to do that I usually right-click on the title bar or press Alt+Space and the option “Always on top”
how about if we could add an option or sub-menu to this for the “Always on top” window to have a level of transparency regardless if it’s on focus or not?

this could be useful when you want to multi-task on various occasions like taking notes/web surfing/reading while watching a video or a tutorial in fullscreen/photo editing etc…

maybe someone could implement this as a feature or a gnome extension

not sure if this is the right place to post this… if not point me in the right direction

Hi! :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken (which I might be) all the entries you see in the popover that shows when right clicking the title bar is entirely managed by your window manager. Same for the window management shortcuts. So that would probably be something for your window manager (e.g. GNOME Shell/mutter level if you’re using GNOME) to handle, not GTK.

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i guess you’re referring to the tag… point taken…
sorry… im kinda new to this

nevertheless I still think it would be very usefull

A Gnome Shell extension would be needed for this… for a starting point someone could try to take the transparency strategy from another extension and add it to the menu. Here is one such extension with simple code that shows how to make windows transparent: Transparent Window Moving - GNOME Shell Extensions

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Hi, I’ve made an extension where few of the many actions are about window transparency. You can control opacity in full range or use toggle actions to make window semi-transparent just to see what’s under it. A few actions are mixed with contrast adjustment to increase text readability and the window transparency at the same time which works great with dark gtk themes such Adwaita or Yaru. The extension name is Custom Hot Corners - Extended and you’ll find it on Gnome extensions site. You can bind the action to any mouse button(wheel) / monitor corner(edge) combination or the keyboard shortcut. The transparency in action can be seen on the preview image.

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