Feature request: add an option to search behavior

Add an option to make it only start to search after press Ctrl + F or a search icon instead of search directly after press any key?This makes me a little annoyed when I press enter key to open a file in a dir of thousand files,but uncarefully press a wrong key like \ ,then it start to search whole directory instantly,even after I press Esc to cancell,I lost the file location and have to find it out one by one again.So it will makes life better if there is an option like this,thanks!

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Is something as minimal as this worth spending a preference on? :slight_smile:

What you’re describing sounds like it could affect anyone. The discussion around this would be more straightforward if you altered the proposal to be about changing the default behavior.

It’s also worth noting that this is a common pattern across all GNOME apps, and it would make more sense to change it on a platform level than just in Nautilus if it’s going to be done.

I don’t have any strong opinions about this myself, but I personally find type to search more convenient than distracting.

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