Feature Request: Add a Details tab in the Properties section of files when right clicked and also on hover

With the release of Gnome 43, a new updated version of nautilus is introduced with many improvements as a whole and also in properties section of any selected file, but still there is no details section with details like version, author, etc

And also show on hover in file explorer itself may be with a option to toggle it on/off and also show size and full name with it(for files with long names). Please can this happen at least full name and size as currently you have to right click into the properties to see that.

Hello Chetan!

Could you clarify for which type of files this is missing compared to the previous version of Nautilus?

What do you mean exactly? Show what ?

The size can be displayed below the filename. Go to Preferences, and see Grid View Captions.

I agree with the filename on hover, it would be like in the app grid for long app names.

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I think they’re asking for something similar as the information panel in Dolphin (KDE’s file manager). That can show things like image file exif data, document file (.odt, .docx, .pdf etc.) properties like title and author, and so on. I don’t have a use for such in Nautilus.

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Showing such information when hovering over a file is not compatible with touch, and I don’t think having another sidebar − and therefore another button in the header bar − is a good idea.

In addition, for long file names, the full name can be displayed on click, and therefore on touch for touch.

@ChetanSaini726 : It would be good to describe your use case for having file properties displayed constantly or seen on hover.

As for the missing information for the documents in the properties, it is certainly due to API/ABI changes for the plugins with the move to GTK4. For example, due to these changes, the Evince plugin was not updated and therefore PDF metadata is not shown in the file properties. I assume it is the same for the others.

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