Feature Proposal: Extensions category in settings

I am sure that this has been requested at some point in GNOME’s life cycle, but for the life of me I couldn’t find any issue or request for this feature.

Currently, there are GUI offerings for managing extensions, the most notable of which being GitHub - mjakeman/extension-manager: A utility for browsing and installing GNOME Shell Extensions. which allows you to browse, install, and modify settings for GNOME shell extensions.

I would be interested in implementing some of that functionality into the gnome settings app, since I feel gnome extensions are one of the big selling points of the DE, and it feels weird that we don’t have convenient access to extensions through any of the default interfaces installed with the DE.

If the idea catches anyone’s interest, then details can be discussed here, since the implementation is more relevant only if it’s something that matches the design language of GNOME.

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