Failure of mknod(1) in docker image on osuosl-x86-* job runners


For a few months now when one of the GParted CI testing jobs runs on
these jobs runners:

  • #286 (oGuV9iCu) osuosl-x86-1
  • #289 (WAjxqy-9) osuosl-x86-2

It fails like this:

$ tests/
mknod -m 0660 /dev/sda b 8 0
mknod: '/dev/sda': Operation not permitted

where as on the other job runners it succeeds.

GParted is creating a block device in order to test a function which
runs stat(2) on a block device and a symlink to block device. I
understand allowing block device creation inside a docker image is a
potential security risk. So can this be allowed in on all job runners
or do I have to look for some way to fake this for testing?

Example GParted test stage CI jobs with both successes and failures.