Extensions.gnome.org design refresh

Looking at extensions.gnome.org and thinking maybe it could use modernisation of its design and backend. something akin to apps.gnome.org.

In terms of design it seems to be a little wild there atm, no real guidelines around e.g an extensions icon.

Any thoughts on whether some design guidelines might be desired here?

See Infrastructure/extensions-web#116 for the current issue tracking redesign.

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Thanks @andyholmes , there doesn’t seem to be any tracked design issues related to this on gitlab, would it better to discuss there or here.

I have vague memories of icons being discussed before by some of the designers. Possibly dropping icons entirely and using screenshots as the primary medium to advertise extensions instead.

If this is deemed the best way forward from a design perspective then maybe the screenshots could be automated.

I don’t recall a formal discussion involving the design team, but in any case the usual case of lack of contributors is really the blocker.

As for automated screenshots, I doubt that’s really possible. I also don’t think there’s any need to foist any icon or HIG requirements on extensions developers, since this is really just a place for the community to share.

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