Extension request: mouse scroll over clock(middle box) --> cycle through windows of current workspace

I have seen several panel scroll extensions, but most of them just don`t work in a sensible manner. For example, scroll is enabled on the entire panel width, or left box for cycle windows and right box for cycling workspaces. However, this then often interferes with other extensions. For example if you are also using MPRIS Label extension and have set mouse scroll over MPRIS extension to volume change for currently playing audio source, then guess what, mouse scroll will change audio volume and cycle through workspaces/windows at the same time.
Of course, no one is here to blame, that is simply bad luck as many extensions interfere in such a manner if used together.
Anyways, in my opinion it would be a cool feature to cycle through windows of current worksapce via mouse scroll if cursor is in the middle of the panel over the clock.
Then you could position cursor over clock and cycle through workspaces by mousescroll+Super and cycle through windows of current workspaces by scrolling without pressing Super key.
Since I have simply not the capacity to realize this idea, this is a call for action for those who know how to do it and find the time and energy to tackle this.
Any feedback is also welcome.

You can try the CHC-E extension, which allows you to use screen edges instead of the panel. For example, in my personal setup, scrolling over the left half of the top edge switches between windows of the current workspace, and the right half of the top edge switches workspaces. The advantage is that it works even in full-screen mode (optional).

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