Exit full screen mode on meld 3.22.0 installed on windows 11

Hello everyone.
I use meld at work and I need help on how to get out of full screen mode on the latest meld release (3.22.0), installed on windows 11. Is it there any keyboard shortcut to do this? Or could you please tell me where is the config file to delete so that I can reset the application? I tried deleting it in C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local, but nothing changed.

Below is my situation, there is no menu where I can toggle full screen.

Thanks in advantage.

On Linux it’s F11 to toggle fullscreen.

Allright, I just needed to know the right key for that. It worked!
Thank you @jakedane :+1:

However, for this reason, I think that the online meld help about Keyboard shortcuts needs an update.


It would be useful to include all the keyboard shortcuts specified in the app itself (especially the General ones).

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The keyboard shortcuts page was removed from the help because the app has a keyboard shortcuts dialog built in. Having them also in help is redundant and creates more work (to keep them in sync). The website has not yet been updated for the change but it will.

The keyboard shortcuts dialog can be accessed from Meld’s menu. Even in fullscreen the menu can be opened with F10. Both shortcuts are pretty common across GNOME apps I think. I don’t know Windows 11 and what are common shortcuts on it to toggle fullscreen or open an app’s menu.

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