Exclude Directories before comparing

Could you please consider adding an ‘exclude folder’ feature to the Meld merge tool? This would be particularly useful for excluding folders such as ‘.git’, ‘.gradle’, and ‘design’, which we often don’t need to compare and can slow down the comparison process unnecessarily. Being able to exclude these folders would save time and streamline the comparison task.

  1. Improved Efficiency: By allowing users to exclude certain folders from the comparison task, the merge tool can operate more efficiently and with greater speed. This is particularly important when dealing with large and complex projects, where the time required to compare unnecessary files and folders can significantly impact productivity.
  2. Enhanced Customization: Providing users with the ability to customize the comparison task by excluding certain folders can help them better focus on the specific changes that they need to make. This can be especially helpful for developers who are working on specific features or modules of a project.
  3. Reduced Clutter: Excluding folders that are not relevant to the comparison task can also help to reduce clutter and simplify the user interface of the merge tool. This can make it easier for users to navigate the tool and find the information that they need.
  4. Better Version Control: By excluding folders such as ‘.git’ and ‘.gradle’, users can avoid unintentionally making changes to version control files and folders. This can help to ensure that changes are tracked correctly and avoid potential conflicts and issues down the line.

Overall, the “exclude folder” feature can bring numerous benefits to the Meld merge tool and its users, including improved efficiency, enhanced customization, reduced clutter, and better version control.

In Meld’s Preferences dialog, you can configure filename filters to do what you’re asking for.

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