Evolution [Wishlist]: profiles for different users

I like Evolution very much and use it daily for my work (using evolution-ews). I am planning to move my private mail accounts to Evolution as well, but there is a showstopper: in contrary to Thunderbird there is no option in Evolution to have more than one user profile. It would be very handy to have a user profile “work” and a “private” one.

Use case:

  1. Open profile “work” and see and use all your work related accounts (mail, address book, calendar).
  2. Open profile “private” and see and use your private accounts.

I find it distracting to have work related and private accounts in a single program window.

Ideally, Evolution opens the profiles parallel in separate instances, accessible by a command line parameter.

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The way I do it on my work-laptop (at work obviously :-)) is I have my work mail account in Evolution and my private mail accounts in Thunderbird.

At home, on my combined WFH/private computer I have all mail accounts in Evolution.
Also, I only have my work mail account expanded in Evolution while working, all my private mail accounts are closed and that’s enough for me not to be distracted while working.

This works well for me, but may not be good enough for you if you want to go all-in Evolution.

that’s not possible, due to the integration with the rest of the
desktop the Thunderbird lacks of. Evolution is a front end for the data
provided by the evolution-data-server (that provides all but mail).
There are other applications talking to the same evolution-data-server
and showing respective data only (think of GNOME Calendar, Contacts,
Notes and Todo as few examples). The GNOME Shell talks to the
evolution-data-server calendar part as well. The other way around is
GNOME Online Accounts (GOA), which provides account information to the
rest of the system and the evolution-data-server talks to it and uses
some of the accounts. I do not think playing around with GOA would be
of any benefit.

While you can change where the data is stored, all the related
processes use XDG standard directories, which can be overrode by the
environment variables, they still cannot run multiple times in the
system, the D-Bus system does not allow it. Meaning you cannot have
running two same evolution (and evolution-data-server) processes at the
same time.

I’m afraid neither when you install a Flatpak and a package Evolution,
then they will be two different processes, with separate
evolution-data-server data and all those things, but the Evolution
itself would still clash on the D-Bus, which means it’ll need to be
running one or the other, not both at the same time. Not talking that
the Flatpak version has its limitations.

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