Evolution - Tracking


I use Mailspring as a mail client. The only reason is that on this application there is a mail tracking system. I can see when the interlocutor opens the mail and I can see how many times he does it and when.

Far be it from me to spy on my correspondents, but in my business, it is important to know if the people I write to receive my e-mails.

I loved working with Evolution, but I gave it up just because this feature is missing on this application.

Do you know if there are any plans to expand this feature?

Evolution supports requesting read receipts (which is a general standard). Furthermore, any email client which allows creating HTML messages can be used by people to put remote content (to be loaded by the recipient to track the recipient) into their composed HTML messages, so called beacons (and recipients can block loading remote content for the sake of their privacy, which is also supported by Evolution). Evolution is not a marketing tool so there are no plans to expand this “feature”.

Ok, thanks for your answer. Too bad! So I will continue to use my mail client that offers this service.

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