Evolution sync error IMAP : "Too many user flags in mailbox "


Evolution can’t sync IMAP box anymore from laposte.net (french email provider)
Error is :
Impossible d’actualiser le dossier « La Poste : INBOX ».
L’erreur signalée était « Erreur lors de la synchronisation des modifications: Too many user flags in mailbox ».

in english : “unable to sync INBOX folder. Error was : Too many user flags in mailbox”.

Any idea?


Hi and welcome. This error message does not exist in the Evolution codebase. It is a message that your mail server sends, so you need to contact whoever maintains your mail server. Evolution only displays what the mail server told Evolution.

Andre is right, the message comes from the server.

How did it happen, please? Did you receive certain message (maybe a
meeting invitation) or you set a Label on a message, after which this
error showed up? I guess the later, because I think the error is
returned when saving local changes, which the server rejects (their
server has some limit on user flags, which are used for Labels in

You can try to close Evolution and move away


directory. That will cause a fresh start of the account the next time
you run Evolution, like if you’d configure the account again. That
could help for pending write to the server, for a price of not saving
the label on the server (and any other pending change). As you would
move away the directory, you can always return it back in case of any


Thanks for your answear.

This message appeared suddently after few weeks of use, and only for a single maibox, for Evolution only.
I’m a former user of Thunderbird that is working very good but becomes too heavy for my old laptop. Evolution looks working lightly.

I removed the subfolder you mentioned (only the one for this mailbox). Evolution refreshed the mailbox after restarting but the message reappeared.

I send a message to Laposte.net admins, but I’m affraid they are less fast a you to answear… :wink:


PS : I’m currently using Evolution on a Debian 12 laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525) on a FXCE4 desktop

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