Evolution, store emails off the server

Hello helpful people.
I am new to Evolution mail.
How do I setup a folder to store emails off of the server?
(outlook use PST file and thunderbird use local folders.)
Where is the option in Evolution?
I use IMAP.

See Working Offline

Thanks for replying @andre
It doesn’t help me, maybe I didn’t share my problem well.
I’ll try again.

My email size limit is 100mb. And I only want to keep fresh emails for the past 3 months ‘live on the email server’
Every email older then 3 months I either ‘move’ offline or delete.
Where can I move emails in Evolution ?

I followed the instructions from the link above, But I can still see the email via webmail, I don’t want to be able to see the email, I want it off the mail server and on my local computer only.

Thank you

Either see Archive Folders under “Help > Contents > Mail Management > Account Management > IMAP+ mail account settings > Defaults > Mail folder locations”; or consider using Filters to move stuff to a local folder. You might receive more support at evolution-list Info Page (not sure many Evolution folks are here on Discourse).

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