Evolution show 3 out of 20 new mails today

I installed Evolution a month ago. It worked fine for 3 weeks but now the client is not receiving all my mail. Today it shows only 3 emails for today when on other devices I get more than 20 new emails today.
I use mail.yahoo.com as the mail server.

Which account type? POP or IMAP?

What makes you think that “the client is not receiving all my mail”? Did you compare the numbers in the “Send & Receive” popup window, or how?

Please follow: Help > Contents > Common Mail Questions and Problems > I cannot see some emails, where are they?

IMAP on all clients.
By client I mean evolution mail client as opposed to a mail server. The evolution client is not receiving all messages.
I know because the email at mail.yahoo.com and my phone and my tablet all show more messages.
Account properties on evolution show it is using imap.mail.yahoo.com

That’s not convincing. My question was how you know that Evolution does not receive (!) all messages. What you describe may still mean that Evolution did receive all messages but does not display them. Again: Please see I cannot see some emails, where are they?

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