Evolution S/MIME failed to encode data

I have a fresh Fedora 36 install. Installed Evolution-ews and imported my S/MIME certs, but when I try to sign or encrypt an email using it, I’m getting this error:

Could not create message.

You may need to select different mail options.

Detailed error: Uknown error. (-8011) - Failed to encode data

I’m running evolution 3.44.4

I have successfully used these keys on other systems (including a Gentoo system where these were originally imported). Are there particular libraries or software that is required to provide S/MIME signing and encryption? How would I get more detailed logs about what the problem is?

the error comes from the NSS library. Maybe the algorithm being used is not considered good enough by the crypto policies. Try to: sudo update-crypto-policies --set=LEGACY and then restart the machine, whether it’ll help anything.

With respect of detailed logging, I do not know what environment variables NSS uses, neither whether there are any. I’m sorry.

That works, but I’m curious which cipher it was that was missing. Ideally I’d like to add just that one so I can ensure that other insecure ciphers aren’t being used. Do you know if there’s a way to find that out?

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