Evolution notice sync with nextcloud

Hi. I would like sync Evolution notes with Nextcloud notes like Iotas ( World / Iotas · GitLab) over rest-api. Is there maybe a plan about this issue? Is that at all possible?Thanks.

it depends on the Evolution version you use. It’s possible since

which landed for 3.38.0 and later versions. The current 3.50.x contains
several follow up fixes made during the years, thus the newer Evolution
you have the better.

Maybe try to File->New->Collection Account, fill the user name, then
expand the Advances Options and provide the nextcloud entry point, or
just the server host name, thus if it’s properly configured (with well-
known addresses), the wizard will find CalDAV and CardDAV sources,
which connect also the Notes (as long as they are at the
correct/expected place on the server).


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