[evolution] new translatable strings


I added new translatable strings into the evolution project for 3.51.3+ in this commit, the strings are:

  • Convert time in reply credits to local time
  • Whether the time in reply credits should be converted to local time. This converts any time, not only UTC times, for which “composer-reply-credits-utc-to-localtime” can be used.

These are in the GSettings, not visible in the app GUI, thus most likely not that important.

The commit adds more error strings, which can be visible in the GUI. Specifically:

  • Failed to retrieve text/plain processed content
  • Failed to retrieve draft content
  • Failed to retrieve HTML processed content
  • Failed to retrieve message content


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I just changed “Remove Key” into “Send without Key” in the sources, because the later is much clearer about what it does. The former could be misleading. See this commit.

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