Evolution Maillist random colours


i’m searching a few days for a solution.
I’ve 3 different Exchange EWS Accounts in Evolution.
Every Account gets a other colour for the Maillist. One uses light Blue, the next one orange and the third one normal grey.
I can’t find a way to change that color. I have problems reading the blue font
Hope someone can help


do you have defined any filters in Edit->Message Filters->Incoming
type, that set the colors, or it’s the server, which sets the color?
Evolution itself does not set random colors on the messages.

I’m afraid it’s the server. The used colors sound like something about
the Labels (or categories, as it’s called on the Microsoft Exchange
servers). Select one such message and then check menu
Message->Mark As->Label->…, whether any of those is selected.

By the way, being those Exchange accounts shared by multiple users,
when you unset the label it’ll be most likely unset for all the users
as well.


thank you very much.
Yes i have rules that tag the mails with categories.
That was the Solution, thank you very much!


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