Evolution: Import Junk-Filter-File from Thunderbird


at the moment i try evolution as alternative to thunderbird. The thunderbird junk-filter works really good because it was trained for years. Can i import the filter-file to evoluton?

Hi, depends on what the Thunderbird junk filter is and does. If it uses SpamAssassin or BogoFilter, then probably yes. How does the filter file look like?

The junk-filter-file is an *.dat file. Here is an example of a part of one of the lines.


It seems there isn’t a global standard for junk-filter files so that they can be used in different clients?

BogoFilter can learn to detect new spam mails (in the same way the Thunderbird spam filter can do). Can SpamAssassin do the same?

SpamAssasin can do the same. Note however that generally SA is more
aimed at mail servers and Bogofilter at end-user systems.


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