Evolution: I want generated sender addresses (From:)

When I send mails, I want generated From: addresses. Like this:
From: email20230611@mydomain.com
The From: address should change for every mail.
Is there a possibility of scripting or writing a python extension/addon?

I’m sorry to say that, but this looks like a request to help spammers,
which is out of question for regular users, thus nothing suitable for
the Evolution itself (not talking about the ethic side of the spam).

Nonetheless, the Outgoing message filters can also Pipe to Program.

Yes you are right. I already heard that most spammers use linux to send spam manually with a desktop application. We should not support that.

Evolution will only send the mail to the pipe filter, but it does not read back the result of the pipe filter. So the pipe filter cannot be used for postprocessing of mails. The pipe filter cannot change the mail.

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